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Arabic is spoken by over 300 million people in over twenty Arab countries and in diaspora communities around the world. In addition, Arabic is the language of scripture, prayer, and religious study for over a billion Muslims.


Hebrew is unique. After 2000 years, when nobody spoke it as their mother tongue, it was revived into a full and vigorous language. Today over 7 million people speak it.


Hindi is the primary spoken language of at least 337 million Indians, comprising about 40% of India's population.


Persian is spoken by over 100 million people in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan as well as diaspora communities around the world.


Punjabi is an Indo-European language that originated in north South Asia a millennium ago. Punjab means “the land of five rivers” that descend from the Himalaya mountain range. There are over 130 million Punjabi speakers in the world today. Punjabi is also an important language in California; it is the third most common language spoken in the Central Valley. Our campus is located in the heart of the historic Punjabi community, the first sizeable South Asian American community, that started in the 1890s.