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Hindi is the primary spoken language of at least 337 million Indians, comprising about 40% of India's population.

 Outside India, Hindi speakers number around 8 million, distributed across Nepal, South Africa, Mauritius, the United States, Yemen, Uganda, Germany, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Fiji and the United Arab Emirates. On the other hand, Urdu is an Indic language (the official literary language of Pakistan) essentially identical to Hindi in its spoken form but, in its literary form, heavily influenced by Persian and Arabic and written in an Arabic alphabet. About 100 million people in Pakistan and India speak Urdu. Linguists consider Hindi and Urdu to be dialects of the same language. Together Hindi/Urdu is the second most widely spoken language in the world.

Hindi-Urdu spoken map

UC Davis currently offers two years of Hindi/Urdu (elementary and intermediate level). Students of Hindi/Urdu will also find a wide range of courses on cultures of the Hindi world at UC Davis. Learning Hindi/Urdu can be a rewarding and useful part of preparation for a wide range of careers in the private, public, or non-profit sectors.

Language Placement Exam

ME/SA Studies and the Hindi/Urdu program require that students who have not previously taken Hindi/Urdu at UC Davis, but have prior experience or study of Hindi/Urdu elsewhere, take the Hindi/Urdu Placement Test at the UC Davis Language Center ( Students who have no experience of Hindi-Urdu or previous coursework do not need a placement test, and should simply enroll in Hindi/Urdu 001.


Grading in Beginning Language Courses