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Internship Opportunities

Getting research experience is essential during your undergraduate career. This is an opportunity to conduct research with a distinguished UC Davis professor. Applications will receive consideration for the following Projects:

Browse the Projects:
1. TERG - training in proposal writing and research
2. Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures
3. Media analysis of 150 years of New York Times
4. UCDAR Consortium of 6 universities in Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, UAE with UC Davis
This includes: Transforming Refugee Mental Health; Gendering STEM Education; Mapping the Production of Knowledge on Women and Gender in the Arab Region.
5. Books in Progress.
6. Muslim Women and the Media project

Interns are assigned to projects based on an interview with Professor Joseph. We work as teams and project assignment could change during the course of the year.
Minimum of 3-quarter commitment and minimum of 8 hours a week required.

Follow the directions below for internships in the Lab of Distinguished Professor Suad Joseph
You can take 92 or 192 units in Anthropology, Middle East/South Asia Studies, or Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies
To apply for an internship in Dr. Joseph's Research Lab:
1. Fill out the internship application form
2. Ask two professors to email brief letters of recommendation to Dr. Joseph
3. Attach a CV and a Cover Letter
4. Attach your informal transcript
5. Internships require a 3-quarter commitment - please state that you can make this commitment
When you have acquired/completed the above requirements please direct them to Dr. Joseph via e-mail at

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