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Suad Joseph awarded a Luce/ACLS Award

ACLS Announces the 2022 Luce/ACLS Program in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs Grantees

The 2022 awardees and their host universities are:

Decolonizing the Representation of Muslim Women in the Media: Training Next Generation Journalists - University of California, Davis
The past two decades witnessed massive escalations of Islamophobia, with the media their most powerful vehicle. Disproportionally, Islamophobic hate crimes have targeted Muslim women, gendering Islamophobia. This project assembles experts on women and Islamic cultures and journalists for a year-long seminar to train early career journalists in the diverse histories of women and Islamic cultures producing teaching modules/products for universities and templates for media organizations on decolonizing the representation of women of color and deracializing religion.

Project leads: Suad Joseph (University of California, Davis), Nurhaizatul Jamil (Harvard University), Shaheen Pasha (Pennsylvania State University), Elora Shehabuddin (Rice University), and Zeina Zataari (University of Illinois at Chicago)

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