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Teaching Prize Winner is a Gardener Who Sows Wisdom in the Classroom

Anthropologist Suad Joseph, founder of the Middle East/South Asia Studies Program, won the 2014 UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement.
Teaching Prize Winner is a Gardener Who Sows Wisdom in the Classroom

Suad Joseph

In her garden, anthropologist Suad Joseph has propagated more than 140 different varieties of fruit trees, assorted grapes, herbs and other vegetables — many grown from her own seeds and cuttings that she has collected. She shares the bounty, and her well-known cooking, with friends, colleagues and her students.

In her classroom, she propagates students in much the same way as her white Kadota figs and summer savory — urging her students to flourish by reading voluminous texts, coaxing them to look at each situation through a different lens, and teaching them what it means to be "human," her students say. Read more about her selection for the UC Davis teaching prize.

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